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Earning CFP® certification can:

  • Increase your income by 12%.2
  • Boost your clients’ satisfaction to over 95%.3
  • Make your clients more likely to recommend you to their network.4
  • Put your name in front of 900,000 searches on the Let’s Make a Plan website.
  • Help you build a career you love and give you a competitive edge over other advisors.5

In addition to providing the confidence and credibility to serve your clients well, a career in financial planning as a CFP® professional can provide tremendous flexibility. Learn more about the opportunities available by exploring the free Guide to Careers in Financial Planning today.

In this free, comprehensive guide, you’ll learn about:

  • Career entry points and career tracks
  • Companies that employ financial planners
  • Benefits of a career in financial planning
  • Obtaining CFP® certification
  • Where to find financial planning careers
  • Questions to ask employers when searching and interviewing for jobs

You will also see personal stories from financial planners at a variety of different companies, describing their typical day at work and why they recommend this career!

Now is the perfect time to begin your journey into the financial planning profession.

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CFP Board of Standards sets and enforces the requirements for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification – to uphold standards of competency and ethics for financial planners who are committed to CFP Board of Standards to putting their clients’ best interests first. CFP Board Center for Financial Planning advances competent and ethical financial planning and expands CFP® professional diversity for the benefit of the public.

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