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Don’t Forget to Take the CFP Board Practice Exam!

If you are registered for the March CFP® exam, you received a complimentary CFP Board Practice Exam with your registration. This valuable tool can give you an idea of how questions will be asked on the CFP® exam, as well as helping you find areas of weakness you should focus on during your exam preparation. Don’t skip this important resource!

The CFP Board Practice Exam is the same length as the actual CFP® exam, with 170 questions and a six hour clock that helps you practice timing while you test your knowledge. You’ll get instant feedback as soon as you complete the Practice Exam, seeing the number of questions you answered correctly and your total score. Plus, you’ll get to see exactly which questions you missed and read a full explanation of the correct response.

Whether you’re studying at night or during the day, at home, in the office, or on the road, the CFP Board Practice Exam is available online for you! Just log in to your CFP Board account to access the Practice Exam and get started.

69% of those who passed the CFP® exam said the CFP Board Practice Exam was one of the most important tools for their exam preparation. Don’t miss out on something that has helped so many of your colleagues! Since the Practice Exam is complimentary with your exam registration, there’s no additional cost for you to take advantage of this valuable resource. Make sure you test your knowledge with the CFP Board Practice Exam before your exam date.